Thursday, January 10, 2013

This blog post contains some gross stuff (so don't read if you're squeemish or don't like ladies parts or bowel movements mentioned)

We've just put the kids to bed. I'm in my jimjams, my slippers and my fluffy pink dressing gown. I ache. I have diarrhea from the change in diet (either that or just a mild stomach bug that's gone on for a week). I left work early to go to the doctors and on the way driving I got stomach cramps and bad back ache simultaneously and felt like I needed to go for a shit (excuse the language). I honestly wasn't sure that I wasn't going to make it to the doctors in time to use their loo. Thankfully I did and it wasn't pretty. But at least it wasn't in my trousers. That would have been embarrassing and awful. The reason I went to see the doctor is that I have a small cyst on my nipple which I'd had looked at before and was told it was just a cyst and was fine but it had got bigger. About the size of a silver ball of the kind you use to decorate cakes - maybe a little smaller, but it had been bothering me and I wanted rid of it. So the doctor got a needle/very small scalpel and burst it and got the puss or whatever its called out. It hurt quite a lot I have to say but it didn't last very long. She then gave me some tissue to put in my bra and told me to have a hot bath to get any last remaining puss out (not like I need telling twice to have a hot bath. lovely). Its a little sore and, probably due to the diarrhea I feel rather achy and very tired.

I also asked the doctor about my mood changes a few days before my period and she said that I could change my pill or maybe, for now, try taking my pill packs back to back. i.e: not have a break in between packs. This could help to keep my moods constant if indeed my drop in mood is related to my hormone levels. She's also given me some pills to take in the event of a panic attack like this one.


  1. Omg.... When I saw your post saying don't read if your Squamish .... I really wanted to read!!!! I hope your feeling much better ... Boy us women do go though the mill :(

    1. LOL. I might as well have put a big red button with a sign saying DO NOT PRESS on it. Am feeling better. But SOOOO glad its the weekend.


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