Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Britmums Live! I'm going!!!!!!

I've just booked my ticket to Britmums Live. I've been thinking about doing it since I heard about it. I'm a little bit scared but a little bit excited. There are so many lovely bloggers out there and I want to meet them in person. I want to get advise and listen to people talk about their experiences of blogging.

Soooooo excited.

So anyway, I found this post on the Britmums forum which linked to this post by a blogger called OutMumbered.

Here is my introduction:

This is me. Literally. Right now.
Hi. I'm Mum in a Hurry (still not got the guts to "come out" fully with my real name etc) even though a lot of people know about my blog now. I've been blogging with this blog since November last year. I had another blog which I started in February 2012 but that kind of fizzled out as it was a very specific subject matter and I got too busy to continue writing about that topic. I'm mum to two toddlers and I work full time. I have a hubby (married 14 years this year), 2 dogs, 6 chickens and a rabbit. I love watching TV and eating chocolate and having baths. I blog about life as a working mum, my feelings, my kids, days out.... anything that comes to mind really. Can't wait to meet some of you that are going!!!


  1. Waves hello. Married 14 years wow and congratulations.

    I came from that post too :O)


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