Thursday, March 14, 2013

Prose for thought #Prose4T - Too Little Sunshine, So Much Rain

Too Little Sunshine, So Much Rain

9th January 2001

Sitting on my own
Thoughts rolling through my mind
Looking for a peace
That I never seem to find

I wish I was a wave
That was crashing on the beach
I wish I was the light 
That is just beyond my reach

I wish I could give but never take
I wish I could sleep and never wake
I close my eyes but I can still see
I can't shut off that part of me

I go to bed and try to sleep
Why does this knife cut so deep
There's an empty space inside my soul
a part of me that's never been whole

I feel my life is wasting away
And its such a struggle to get through the day
There's a part of me that wants to grow
I've tried so hard not to let it show

But now I find I can't contain
Too Little Sunshine, so much rain. 

Prose for Thought


  1. AMAZING, that is such a well written, amazing poem that I'm sure so many people can relate to.
    I think you should put all your poems together and publish them on amazon x

    1. THank you so much. Its lovely of you to say that. I may think about it. Might do a bit of research. How much do you think someone would pay for that? And what would I call it?

    2. i dont know but I think that it should ve along the lines of helping people through depression. 'i know how you feel' or something. its so nice when u can connect to sonething or read something that feels like its been written for you. Thats why i always look forward to your pist. You would have to charge $2.99 minimum to get 70% of the royalties. I hope you do it, I'll be your first buyer! x

    3. Thank you!!!!

      I've already started typing up my older poems (from 1992 onwards). There is loads!!!

    4. good, hopefully it will sell so many copies u can give up ur job! thanks for buying my book too btw x

    5. Thanks. And you're welcome. I haven't finished reading it yet. How have you done with it?

    6. yeh pretty good, have had so much great feedback and almost everyone that bought it, asked if there was a sequel. So I wrote one and its just about to be released (I'm hoping by the 1st of April) x

    7. That's fab! I definitely will read it! (feels sheepish now)

  2. Fantastic! i love this one :-) xx

    1. Thank you! Means such a lot to get such lovely comments!

  3. What beautiful words, put together so well. You write beautiful poetry. Thank you so much for linking up xx

  4. I can relate to your words and often miss the sunshine in my life. A touching poem.


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